On Sunday, December 23rd, Manuela, from San Benedetto del Tronto, was born to heaven, aged 31, after a long and painful battle with the disease. Manuela was followed step by step with immense love from her family; factory-worker and passionate football player (she played in San Benedetto del Tronto team, in Giulianova team and in the National Football Team for Women), she had so many friends that her room in the hospital was the destination of a continuous and amazing pilgrimage of people who gave her human comfort and prayed to ask God's grace, a miracle for "Manù", as she was familiarly called.

We all prayed for Manuela: without exaggeration thousands of people.

She first prayed for her healing, alone and at home with her family, or attending our monthly meetings. Rosaries, invocations to the Holy Spirit, the Anointing of the Sick, prayers of praise, etc. did not apparently affect her illness. We always hoped for the healing of her body  and we did not almost realize what was happening inside her.

Manù made an excellent and fast journey of faith becoming obedient and docile to God IN SUFFERING: she defeated the devil in his field! Manuela never rebelled, never accused anyone, but endured her trial with love, to complete it in God.

Therefore the Word says about her: "Her soul was pleasing to God, so He took away her from the evil of the world .... The righteous, dying, condemns the wicked people left alive. A youth that became quickly perfect will condemn the long old age of the unrighteous!" - Sapienza 5,14-16ss

And since dying in God means GOING TO HEAVEN, and for everybody heaven is and must be our future and the only goal to reach, so that for getting into it would be worthwhile being eaten alive by wild beasts like the ancient martyrs at the Colosseum, we can say that Jesus triumphed in MANUELA, not giving her the physical healing, but giving her the SPIRITUAL HEALING! Now she is in the fullest and most perfect bliss with her Lord and Savior, Jesus, and with all her dear ones that preceded her. Amen!

Manuela, pray for us!