My name is Iris Danese, I live in Tortoreto Lido, I'm married, I am the mother of two children and I am the grandmother of an adorable little nephew. I live with my mother, a special woman, and my family. My husband is a chief engineer on ships, so he is always working far, except holidays and various licenses. We are Catholics, believers and practitioners, and we are very devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Virgin Mary; I belong to the Marian Movement of Priests and together with my family we are consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. About six months ago in a supermarket in Giulianova, my daughter, who is very devoted to Mother Teresa from Calcutta, found a note of a mass and prayer of healing for the sick in the parish of Mother Teresa from Calcutta, in Martinsicuro. She told me that she really wanted to participate, but because of various unforeseen difficulties it was not possible either to her or to our family.

At the end of October I met my cousin, she lives in Martinsicuro and she is a parishioner of Mother Teresa from Calcutta, and I asked her some news about those Holy Masses. My cousin explained everything to me, she also spoke of the priest Don Marco and she invited me to attend the next meeting on19th November, 2006 in the sports centre. After a couple of days from the meeting with my cousin, in the morning I got up and I could not move my left arm for terrible pains in my shoulder. I touched my shoulder and I discovered a lump that was as big as half a sandwich. I could not wash myself and I could not do the slightest movements. I went to work and I consulted my family-doctor: I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I began treatment with intravenous drips, injections and pills, after a week I had a minimal improvement in the pain, but I was always locked in the movements, my shoulder was down, it was not at the same level of my right shoulder, and that was clearly visible. I was also aware that rheumatoid arthritis cannot be cured, on the contrary it gets worse over time.

On 19th November in the afternoon I went to the meeting for healing. At first my impression was feeling a particular state of grace at celestial levels, a peaceful and joyful atmosphere, something wonderful even in welcoming the participants, with dazzling smiles and welcome greetings. When the function started, I was entering another dimension, because it was really touching, my heart was vibrating, I was as excited as if I had to meet my first love. During the Adoration of the Holy Sacrament, I was focused on a family-friend who has serious health problems, and I was praying


Jesus for her, when suddenly I felt a sharp pain behind my head, as if my flesh pulled from my bones. It did not last long, but it was really unbearable, so much that I told about this pain to the woman who was standing by me. The function went on, I was always focused on my friend, I was sorry when it was over, I did not want to go home, to leave that paradise, it was hard to me coming down to earth, because of my great spiritual elevation, and my inner joy. I felt I was another person.

Back home, I felt happy, I told everything to my family, I talked about it all night long. I went to bed, I undressed, I pulled my shirt's sleeve, I thought that as usual I could not have raised my arm (even this movement used to cause me pain!) and instead, that night I realized that I did not feel any pains, so I tried to move my arm and it did not hurt, I raised it a bit and it did not hurt, I raised it even more and it did not hurt, I moved it like a whirlpool and it did not hurt!" Lord, what happened to me?!" I could not believe. I started crying, I ran into my mother’s room in tears... "Mom, Mom, look what happened to me!" My mother was frightened, she asked me what was happened: I was crying and she was worried because she could not understand. Then I was able to say to her: "Mom, look at my arm, my shoulder does not hurt anymore! Mom, I received a miracle, Jesus healed me! Mom, my shoulder does not hurt anymore, mom, I can move my arm!” Then she began to cry of joy for me, too: the lump, that I had a few hours before, had disappeared now; my shoulder, which was lower than the other one, had the same level now; there were no signs of the disease.

"My daughter, you have been miraculously healed, Jesus has made a miracle!"

It was late and so I did not call my friend, I almost wanted to shout on the roof, I wanted everyone to take part in my joy .... The next day in the office I told everybody:  I showed how I could move my arm, and all my colleagues were amazed because the difference was striking. I will never cease to thank and praise the Lord for this great gift. He showed me all the kindness, mercy and love He has for all His sons, never prevented by human misery!