God’s protection through His Saints

My name is Marco Scartozzi, I'm 32 and I am a lorry driver. I met Don Marco and his prayer meetings some years ago when my sister became ill with cancer. Certainly, someone remembers Manuela, as we prayed a lot for her. I am sure that thanks to her protection from Heaven and thanks to the hand of the Lord, today I can tell the two episodes that have marked my life in recent years.

In July 2008, while I was at work and I was roping the load on the truck, one of the ropes has suddenly broken, by hitting me in my left eye. At the hospital in Macerata, doctors failed to diagnose the damage because my eye was full of blood and swollen, and so I was admitted. The day after the accident, I could not see anything by that eye. Meanwhile I, my family and many others have prayed because I would not have consequences to my eye. After re-absorption of the hematoma and a slight recovery of sight, doctors estimated that there was no permanent damages and that there was not even retinal detachment; the head doctor was surprised that there were not any damages despite the strong blow and he said to me: "In my opinion, Marco, you have someone who protects you from Heaven. Light a candle to the Virgin Mary, because this time it finished well”. “In these cases”, the doctor continued: "although it may be fine, the retina is injured and losing sight is easy." Instead, by this eye I see like before, and the only consequence of the accident is the slightly dilated pupil.

On Sunday March 28th, 2010 the day of the prayer meeting held by Don Marco in Villa Rosa, I had a serious motorcycle accident. I wanted to visit my grandmother in the cemetery in Monteprandone and then I wanted to go to San Benedetto del Tronto to visit my sister in the cemetery, but on the way I went off the road. I flew a couple of meters below an escarpment. Fortunately a woman was passing there and she called for help. At San Benedetto Hospital, after many tests, they found a head injury and the burst fracture of the vertebrae D7 and D8. I had to stay immobile on the bed for 69 days, and after that I started rehabilitation. It was hard, but thanks to God and to my personal guardian angel, also this time the accident has not left any consequences to me. The doctor told me that if only a fragment of bone had damaged the spinal cord, I would have been paralyzed. Again, the help from Heaven appeared obvious to me and to other people. The commander of the Local Police Agency, in fact, after the findings in the crash site, told my parents that I went in flight into the gap of a few centimeters between an oak and the iron bar of an old driveway, and he added: "Not even if he had taken the steps, he could pass it!!". And that is still a mystery: it happened as if I had not flown passing between the oak and the iron bar, but as if someone had taken and placed me on the ground gently. In fact, my clothes did not have nor scratches, or patches of ground or grass. I know that I received two great miracles, therefore I thank the Lord and Manuela, and I always trust in them. Then I thank Don Marco, who always presents our demands to Almighty with his prayers and the ones of his parishioners.  Again, PRAISE AND GLORY TO YOU, LORD JESUS!                                                                                                                                                                            MARCO