My name is Gemma, I thank the good Lord because in my life He has done wonders both in the sorrow for the death of my 22-year-old son and in the pain for the premature death of my husband, who loved and supported me. In these serious bereavements Christ always helped me with a great force, by increasing my faith. Even now I live great difficulties and pain, but holding on to my Heavenly Father, I hope so!

But now I want to talk about my healing on 19th December 2010, because I want to make Thanks and Honor to God!

Since 2004, maybe even earlier, I was suffering from a severe inflammation of the bladder: I was diagnosed with NECK TRIGENITE. The head doctor of urology in Fermo Civil Hospital GERARD MICHE LALANNE prescribed me a course of interferon for six months, unfortunately with little success. I had always cystitis, during the day I had to go to bed to rest the bladder. I did the urinalysis very often and values were always high: ESCHERICHIA COLI BACTERIA 100,000 cfu / ml; it was resistant to any antibiotic treatment. During strong inflammation I used to take antibiotics, but after 10 days values were high again.

I asked Dr. LALANNE why I did not heal and he said: "Unfortunately, it is chronic and it will not pass!" Aloe and a rather expensive supplement helped me feel a bit better, but they did not change my situation.

On December 19th I went to Loreto to prayer with Don Marco and his parishioners, not thinking about my illness (that day I had cystitis) but thinking about my family problems which I prayed and I still pray for.

When Don Marco began to pray laying his hands on people, I approached asking my God: "You are my Father, you can remove this cross! You do, my Lord!" At first I did not feel anything, but in the evening the problem was gone! The next morning I urinated as I was 20! I thanked the Lord, I realized that it was His work, but I waited to tell my story. So after a month I was very fine! After  two months, I felt always good!

I repeated the complete analysis with urine analysis: they were very good! I attach the results of the analysis before and after healing, now I am well, I praise, bless and thank the Lord with all my heart. The Lord is great, brothers! The Lord is our Father and He loves everybody, good and bad people, he waits us in love and mercy! I thank Don Marco because he has given his life to the Lord in the service of souls. I thank all the brothers of the parish "Mother Teresa of Calcutta" for their service and for their prayers. I love you in the Lord, resuscitated and alive!


Monte S. Pietrangeli, 31/05/2011                                                                      Gemma Fonti