My name’s Landa and I want to bear my witness, that had happened a few years ago. I was a member in the community of “Resuscitated Jesus” and I used to take part in some prayer meetings. One morning, I got up and I felt my legs asleep. During the day, I felt my arm asleep, too. The day after, I couldn’t stand up. I called my doctor and he admitted me to hospital urgently, but the doctors couldn’t understand my illness. I had lost my balance and so I was confined to a wheelchair. My community began to pray to the Lord for me. I was frightened, but in my heart I felt that Jesus would help me. So I never lost my faith in Jesus. At the hospital I used to read the Bible and the Word of the Lord was helpful to me. I always pretended to be calm with my family and I always played around. But at night, I used to cry and I was scared to die. I used to pray, but above all to sing: “Man from Galilea, who go walking…”. I used to sing all night long: “Man from Galilea, touch me, recover me ...!” During the day, Jesus gave me the strength to show myself calm with my family. Jesus revealed Himself to me in the church. Church has been my strength during all my life, in difficult times and in good times. My community continued to pray for me. One day, some brothers of the community visited me and they prayed laying their hands on me. On Thursday evening, one of my community-sisters came and said to me: “Listen, in our last meeting we celebrated Mass and we prayed for your recovery!” On Friday morning I could stand up! After several hours and days, I began to make the first move and then other moves, up to walk alone. As a matter of the facts, I can’t walk very well, but now I am a normal woman, I help my family and I do the housework. Through the night, I used to pray and to say: “My Lord, I love life and I am scared to die. I love the life you gave me, bring me back home, let me live, I want to go on preparing meals for my husband…bring me back home!”. And the Lord helped me. I am a common person, I am a hardened sinner, but in my heart I am sure that the Lord is close to me, because He is close to everybody. It is important to trust Him and always thank Him for everything we receive. The Lord needs our thanking. He gives us everything, more and more. I want to remember this saving grace with you, because even if it is an old story, it is a great joy. Thank you for having listened to me! Don Marco says: “Why are you saying this grace is an old thing? If the Lord didn’t have removed this mysterious disease from you, today you couldn’t walk! His miracle for you is today and everyday!      Praise the Lord!                                                                                                  LANDA