My name is Vanessa, I'm 28 years old, I work as a physiotherapist and I live in Martinsicuro. By the age of fifteen I suffer from ovarian cysts. I have always taken care of the cysts that gave me some side effects in hormones and my blood tests values were not good, ​​neither with the pill nor with hormones themselves. The treatments were quite heavy from the physical point of view and they gave me other problems; at the end, the diagnosis was that I have lazy ovaries: they sometimes ovulate and other times do not, and this was, therefore, the cause of the cysts. Now I am 28 years old. I had a lot of therapies in the past! Beginning to heal these things when you are 15 is not very pleasant, especially because of the use of the pill. Last April I had to have another ultrasound scan because I had a hormonal impairment again, and I felt it physically but I also saw it in the outer level. The ultrasound said that I had a cyst in the right ovary that was 0.34 mm long and 0.35 mm large. The left ovary had a mixed structure: there were cysts and micro-cysts. I had already put my soul in peace, because I knew I had to restart all the therapies with the pill or with hormones. Besides, my gynecologist died, so I should also have changed doctor ... I was fed up with this situation, so I prayed saying: "Lord, I know that cysts are cured easily, they are not a serious illness, I will not die for the cysts, but I don’t want to treat me anylonger, I don’t want to take medicines anylonger, I know you can do everything and therefore help me! ". That happened in April, I took the Anointing, I should have repeated an ultrasound in June, but I had some spiritual retreats so I didn’t have it. I went for an ultrasound last Thursday (3 days ago, before this testimony) and practically my cysts have disappeared, the right ovary is a normal ovary, it has no cysts, and the left ovary even is ovulating. So this month my ovaries, that are lazy to ovulate, have done their work! I know it's a simple, banal thing, but it's a small gift that Jesus gave me, because I know that nothing is impossible for God. He gives us many gifts because He loves us, and helping us in little things, for example in a simple cyst, is the thing that God wants to do with all His heart. Now I know that even if our problem is a small thing, a thing that we can solve alone or with medication or any other human solutions, He wants to help us, He doesn’t want to leave us alone to fight and to undergo the effects of medicines or of doctors, who are often absolutely incredulous. I am also sure that as God gave this gift to me, He can give it to everybody, because He loves us very, very, very much!