One year ago, my husband David and I, Alessandra, found out the diagnosis of uterus agnosia for our nine-year-old daughter, Giorgia after some medical tests. Probably, she was born without her uterus. The doctors told us to repeat an ultrasound after a few months. On 28th February, we repeated the examination: the report was the same. Suddenly, my way of life changed. I had spent a bad period: in November my first niece was born, she didn’t have one of her hands and I was waiting for a kidney reconstructive surgery. Those days were terrible: I feel frail, weak and my faith wasn’t enough to respond  to my sadness, anger, discouragement, desperation in my heart. At first I rebelled to God of Love because He let my child suffer.

Then I realized that only if I was close to Jesus, I could find liberation. I began to pray for Giorgia and our family with a group of Spiritual Innovation Sisters in Recanati. Everyday the Lord talked to my heart with encouraging words: “Your heart doesn’t have to be upset!” Those were the words of the Mass Gospel in the same evening when the diagnosis of uterus agnosia was confirmed. In those months, the Lord’s Supper was bread of life, hope and strength for me. During the prayer of intercession, the Lord invited us to praise Him, because He is faithful and His Love is forever. He is the Lord. In April, during a prayer, the Word of God (the passage of the Gospel in which Jesus laid His Hands on children and blessed them) suggested us to take children to God. Therefore we took Giorgia to a prayer meeting, led by don Rafael Alvarez, my helpful priest. He laid his hands on Giorgia and then, on all the members of my family, meanwhile the Sisters prayed. On that moment, the Lord asked  me: “Do you love Me?” He asked me for three times, as He asked Saint Peter. He asked: “Do you trust me? Why are you so desperate?” Loving God means accepting His Will, as Jesus accepted His Father’s Will, even if it is bitter.

On 24th May, Giorgia went to the hospital for some tests. I was waiting for the ultrasound report, but the doctor didn’t say anything new. We had to wait for the answers several weeks. I was losing my hope, but the Lord continued telling me: “Your heart doesn’t have to be upset!”. In June, my family and I went to the National Congress in Rimini to hold on praying. A lecturer suggested me to pray: “I am not worthy, but say only a word and I will be saved and Giorgia will be recovered!”. At home I read the book “The power of praise”(publishing EUN) again, because the Lord continued asking me to pray and praise Him. At first I found it hard to thank Him for the situation, later I realized it was a great moment of blessing. Everyday I used to pray with my husband, my son Nicola and my prayer-friends, waiting for the examination’s results, because everything God does is for our good and liberation.

On 27th June, a Sister of the group phoned me and told me she had seen Nicoletta Latini in a dream (she was one of our faith-sisters and she died for a cancer, after much suffering, which was offered to God by her for the Salvation of Church and  particularly for Priests’ Holiness). In her dream, Nicoletta said to her: “Send her to me!”. So I went to the cemetery to ask for the intercession of Nicoletta.

On 29th June, my husband phoned me while I was at work: he told me that the doctor of the Salesi Hospital in Ancona had phoned him to tell him that the tests’ results were good: my child didn’t have any syndromes and  in the last ultrasound scan a little increasing uterus could be seen! I felt a great joy for the Mercy and the Power of God, so great that I am not able to describe it.


                                                         Hallelujah, praise the Lord!             Alessandra and David