My name is Giancarlo, I am 62 years old and I am a fisherman. Since I was a child, I felt strange phenomena, accentuated on Tuesday and Friday. I was really scared: intense shivers ran down my spine. I always used to take refuge in my mother's arms. I did not know the origin of these phenomena and when I  grew up I could not understand the reason. My mother was very religious, every day she went to Mass and prayed the rosary, she used to say she felt these phenomena, too; she reacted to them getting out on her knees and praying the rosary. These spiritual battles took place every night. Mom was also very devoted to St. Rita.

I was engaged and I got married, the phenomena always took place, but my wife did not believe me, so I suffered in silence. Our first child was born premature and the doctor told us that he was in bad conditions: in the incubator his breath and heartbeats often stopped. He had a “bad color”. At night my wife dreamed of a beautiful woman, who said to her: "COURAGE, YOUR SON WILL NOT DIE!". The next day we met the hospital-nun, who said to us: "Tonight the  Virgin Mary has made a miracle to you: your child is out of danger!" We wanted a second child, but every time my wife became pregnant she lost the baby. After 12 years my wife became pregnant again and dreamed the Virgin Mary, who assured the success of her pregnancy. So our second child was born.

The phenomena always continued. One day my mother heard about a friar that was very good at praying, and she brought us to him. During the prayer the one who caused these phenomena was revealed. The friar prayed very hard several times, but he could not relieve us. So, the friar sent us to another priest. He taught us to pray, to come back to God through the sacraments and to have faith in Jesus and the Virgin Mary for the final release. When I returned from the sea at the weekend, I used to go to my mother and we used to pray the rosary with a group of people everyday. This priest prayed for me and he also brought me to the sanctuary of St. Vicinio for a prayer with the collar, a relic of the saint. As he put the collar on me, I fell to the ground, and the presence and the words of the Enemy showed themselves directly. But also that day liberation did not happen. I went on a pilgrimage with a strong group of prayer to Mediugorie. At the beginning of the Way of the Cross, at Cross Mountain my legs paralyzed and even with two brothers who supported me I could not drag me. Many pilgrims climbed barefoot. I had an inner urge to do the same. Removed the shoes, touched the ground with my feet, I was totally freed and I was able to walk so well that it seemed I could fly. But the bad things continued. On Friday we fasted and prayed for three hours, led by Father Jozo in his personal chapel where the Holy Sacrament was always exposed. It was a tough battle, but even there I was not freed. But I felt an inner voice telling me that my release would take place in my country and with my prayer-group.
When I had a crisis, the Enemy said to me: "Do you love Jesus?" "Yes!" I replied, "Then you have to suffer like Jesus!". So he threw me on the ground, put me hand and foot cross-shaped and made me feel the pains of crucified Jesus. One Saturday (it was in 1989), after preparing the prayer of liberation, we prayed with a group of charismatics. There were also two priests. On that occasion my great and final liberation happened: I always praise and thank the Lord my God and my KING for it.

Many other events before and after my total liberation happened, but now I will not list them.
By virtue of this experience I say to everybody: brothers and sisters, Jesus is great and merciful, never get tired of praising and praying Him, and of praying the rosary with your family for the love of the Virgin Mary, who gave me my two sons. Be persevering in prayer, because the Enemy is always lurking. Even if you are affected by various trials, do not become discouraged, but seek refuge in the Lord Jesus and in His Heavenly Mother. I'm happy to help a brother or a sister if they need my help.

Faith, faith, faith!                                                                                                                                            Your brother Giancarlo