I’d like to be a testimony to all people that suffer from incurable and painful diseases in order to give them hope.

      My name is AnnaRita. I live in Ancona (Italy). I was kissed by God’s Love in the church of “Santa Maria dei servi” in Ancona. When I was 20 years old (now I am 64), I got rheumatoid arthritis, an incurable and progressive disease.

People afflicted with this disease live on a wheelchair. Young female gender is more afflicted. This disease causes progressive damages in joints, above all wrist joints, hand joints, and foot joints, in addition to grievous deformations and terrible, continuous suffering. If you are afflicted with this disease, you’ll live in a continuous painful state and you’ll forget what being fine means.

Suffering had become my inseparable travel companion: even a simple gesture, such as grabbing a piece of cutlery or turning a key, causes an unbearable pain. The therapy consists of anti-inflammation medicines, cortisone, immune-system medicines, etc. However this therapy has caused many side effects on me. About ten years ago, I had a surgery: I got new hand joints, with the implantation of eight prostheses, but the results were not good. Nevertheless, I went on, taking care of my family and raising two children, but above all without losing my faith.

On 11th October 2009, I came back to life. I had met Don Marco a lot of years ago. I knew that on that day he was going to celebrate a prayer meeting In the church of “Santa Maria dei servi” in Ancona. In those days I had some affairs to take care of far away from Ancona, but suddenly all my affairs changed, and so, for God’s will, I took part in the prayer meeting organized by Don Marco. During the prayer, particularly after the Anointing of the Sick, I felt something strange happening inside me: a hand-tingling, and my pain became more bearable. When I got home, I didn’t tell anything to my family; however I realized that my aches and pains had decreased. That evening, at bed I fell asleep quietly. At about three a.m., suddenly I woke up, I tried to move my hands, and I didn’t have aches and pains anylonger: I was able to do everything with my hands, such as open, close, catch, and they were very light! Full of joy and in tears, I woke my husband (who had always supported me), to let him take part to my joy. We embraced in silence and we prayed to God to thank Him for His Love.

Today I am a different person: I have left the therapy. My medical examinations show a stable situation without any inflammations. I still have old damages and implanted prostheses, but my disease doesn’t go on. My family and I thank God for His Goodness and Love towards us.