My name is Fausto, I am 49 years old, I was born in Colonnella in the province of Teramo, in Italy. I have been a factory-worker since I was 17 years old.

In 1990, after a check-up, I discovered to suffer from diabetes.

I used to take tablets continuously, I refused insulin-injections. Because of the diabetes I was on a sugar free diet, that was very hard for me also because in my job I use my arms a lot.

When I checked my sugar-value, it was always too high.

At the moment of renewing my driving-license, I also realized that I saw so badly. I went to an eye doctor, and so I discovered a retina-disease, too. There are four levels of retina-disease: I was at the second level, I was going to go blind!

I was so exasperated by the ineffectiveness of the medical treatment that, in March 2005, I talked with my parish priest, because I have heard that he often used to hold prayer meetings for faith healing. I wanted to ask Jesus Christ for a grace. The parish priest pled with God for my healing in a common prayer, and later he called me and prayed to the Lord for me after the Mass, too.

In the following days, whenever I checked my sugar-value, it was always right. However the eye doctor sent me to Chieti Teaching Hospital for further examination, because of the seriousness of my retina-disease and considering the medical examination I had been given in 2004.

When the eye doctor saw the medical report from Chieti, he was astonished, he looked at the report a lot of times, and he told that in his 40 years of work time, he had never seen a retina-disease regressing, or even disappearing, because it is an ever-progressive illness. The eye doctor exclaimed: “There is the hand of Padre Pio!”. And I answered: “No, there is the hand of the Lord!”.

My retina-disease had disappeared!

From that moment on, I haven’t had any diabetic effects anymore. I take medicines no more, and now I live, work and eat normally, and I enjoy good health.

Praise the Lord, because He healed me and He always heals who needs. Hallelujah!