My name is Norma, I am from Argentina and I have lived in Italy for 35 years. One day in 2007, I felt bad at work, and I collapsed. The doctors made me some blood tests and I was diagnosed with RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS. I left my job: I had to stay at bed for a long time. But I had to work because I had two children… I began to pray Jesus and He helped me so much. I used to get up early in the morning to prepare breakfast for my children and then I used to go back to bed. I used to go to the church to pray Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Saint Gabriel… Last year in July (2011) I went to prayer meetings for the first time. I began to attend the evening Mass in the church of Madre Teresa from Calcutta every day. I asked Jesus to recover me and He helped me. Last month (in February, 2012) in the church of Saint Gabriel in Villa Rosa (outside the Carnival festival was happening) I was praying during the Eucharist Adoration when I felt a great hot flash and I broke down and cried. The heat went deep into my head, my hands, my legs, but above all my knees and I felt more relieved. Then I received the Unction Oil and I felt much better. That evening I got home on foot from Villa Rosa to Martinsicuro, and from that day I feel very good. Yesterday I even went to help a woman to do the housework. Tomorrow I am going to try to put low-heeled shoes on: I have not put them on for five years. Before I couldn’t take my bag on my shoulder because of the pain, my fingers were contracted, I couldn’t move them. On the contrary, now I can wash clothes by hand.

Now I feel good, very good. Glory to the Lord!                                                          

                                                                                                                         Norma Artaza