My name is Klaudia, I'm 18 years old and I live in Martinsicuro. Jesus healed me from my ulcer.


This problem started when I was a child: I attended the third or the fourth class of primary school. I have always tried to understand the cause of my suffering, but I could never find the answer. Attending the parish church, I heard about some catechesis where Don Marco said that some diseases can come from magic. Thinking of my past, I remember that my malaise began after eating some chocolates. My mother had warned me to be careful with the things people offered me, but I did not believe it and I did not mind. But after those chocolates I had ulcer and headache, and I was always tired. In the last two years, the situation got worse: I coughed for acid reflux frequently, often there was also blood in my mouth, I had constant nausea, after having breakfast I vomited, I had heartburn and I was scared ... Last year I began to come to these meetings and to take the Anointing of the Sick, asking the Lord Jesus for my healing. At first it was difficult, because when I began to pray I got stuck, believing that I was not worthy of such a great grace and I did not pray for me anymore. But one day, I was so bad that I decided to ask for my healing intensely. So in the meeting, during the invocation of the Holy Spirit, I felt a great heat throughout my body, and I felt good. Then I had a gastroscopy and the doctor told me that my previous lesions had disappeared and I was cured of my ulcer. Today I thank God for making me such a great grace: I feel very well and I can eat everything. The headache that I had since childhood had passed from terrible headaches to severe migraines and over the years they had intensified. But, since I received a specific prayer for this problem, they have almost disappeared.

Praise the Lord Jesus!