My name is Gabriele and I live in Mosciano, in the province of Teramo. Jesus healed me!

    On 20th June, 2005, I was hospitalized in Santo Spirito Hospital in Pescara with a terrible diagnosis: acute leukemia! From the analysis it was discovered that I had few good blood cells. The doctors told me that I risked dying at any moment. The first days of hospitalization I had a terrible anguish. I could not resign myself to the disease. After a week, I was taken to a clean room for chemotherapy and I felt very bad for a high fever and many other pains. My room-mate, sick as I was, was discouraged and he always used to say we would die. I asked for help and I prayed to Our Lady of the Rosary every day with Vatican Radio. After almost a month, the doctors told me that I had finished the first cycle of chemo and I was sent home for a fortnight. I breathed a sigh of relief, encouraged by the news that my disease had reduced to 7-8%. My partner died, instead. I began to attend the monthly prayer-meetings for healing in Martinsicuro and I received the Anointing of the Sick several times. After 15 days, I went to the hospital for the second cycle. I was calm, because I felt something telling me: "Go, you’ll get better". After the second course of chemo, my illness had reduced to 2%.

They sent me back home, and every 10-15 days I returned to the hospital for checks. Every check I did, my disease got better. After about four months, the doctor performed a bone marrow biopsy and immune typing (the proof of the bone marrow) on me, and he informed me of the COMPLETE REMISSION OF MY DISEASE! It was the best day of my life! My faith saved me. Jesus saved me! Believe and turn to Jesus, He will save you! Every day with my prayers I thank Jesus because He saved me, He made me smile again. Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Jesus!